Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Don't Be Afraid To Dream Again... Tips for Winning

This post is an 'oldie but goodie' from this blog... Enjoy, and here's to living your BEST life ;-)

It is NEVER too late to re-evaluate your dreams, update your goals, finally let go of something that is not working for you, dive into a passion, start something new or STOP procrastinating. I love to think of us (you and me) like we are captains of our ships. We set the coordinates for our travel. So, are you steering towards the island of Greatness, or have you settled with chillin' in a place called Mediocrity?

So many of us may have lost the drive, determination, energy, direction and belief in ourselves to think that we are still worthy of the island called Greatness. Some of us have conjured up every excuse, found every shortcoming, and have let the responsibility of having a family discourage us from saying YES to a life of fulfillment. I’m not saying that you would not have to make some major adjustments to go for your goals; however, I am encouraging, to let you know, that it is well worth the trip. Greatness, like success, is self-defining. There is no one-way to experience it or accomplish its distinction. For each of us it means something different. For some, greatness/success will come adorned with millions of dollars, awards, certificates of completion or lofty promotions. For others it might show up when they fall in love, have a child, finish the pursuit of a college degree, lose the weight, mend a meaningful relationship, or gather the courage to say to NO to a debilitating one. Whatever it looks like for you, it can manifest, with a commitment to action and a willingness to see things through. 

A lot of the times though, you will find that success is more than one place to visit; more than one goal. Once you get there, what's next? Like nature, life is always shifting, changing and evolving. Eventually your accomplishment will lack its luster, and you will be looking for the next opportunity to reveal a more expansive you. Are you in that place of your life right now? Are you looking for an outlet to express and reveal greatness/ success/ happiness/ satisfaction?

So where to start? How do you get the energy to sustain your drive? Are you so far away from allowing yourself to believe it is possible, that you have forgotten what would bring forth a feeling of satisfaction and great accomplishment for you? If you are looking for some tips to restart your rudders, and bravely navigate newfound un-chartered waters... these suggestions are for you:

1. Looking too far ahead can be overwhelming; and looking in the past can paralyze you and keep you stuck. Start right where you are by writing down what you really desire to accomplish in whatever area of your life that you would like to see change happen. Clarity is key...

2. Eat well and exercise! Give your body what it needs in order to operate at its optimum best. The foods you eat can energize you or make you sluggish and tired. A lot of processed foods give a false sense of nourishment and eventually weigh in on your vitality. Also, a diet full of heavier foods can zap your energy because the body is spending its reserve energy on digestion. You can try eating your last meal for the day earlier in the evenings, so that you can wake up with more energy and feeling light. Also, eating your heaviest meal in the afternoon can give your body time to process, use, and eliminate it; thereby working it off before you slow down in the evenings. Exercising will enable good blood circulation, oxygenate your cells, give you a natural high and stimulate your brain activity.

3. Do mental push-ups with affirmations. Affirmations are 'pump you up’ or ‘positively affirming’ statements that anchor your confidence, perseverance and stick-to-it-ness to get the job done. Your mind needs guidance and training to stay on track and to be an ally for you.

4. Put yourself on a schedule and give yourself some structure to instill 'good' habits and maximize the time in your day. Discipline equals freedom.

5. "Ask and ye shall receive." Don't be afraid to solicit help. Believe that what you choose to accomplish is possible and that the doors of opportunity will open with your willingness to knock.

6. Develop and maintain a great support system. Family, friends, books, meditation, prayer and 'play dates' that can help keep you inspired and driven.

7. Enjoy the journey and the new you that is developing because of your bold choice to live out your dreams and passion. Greatness/success can be a collection of the experiences along the way. 

8. Prepare and expand, prepare and expand... never stop growing. “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

9. Starting your day with an 'Attitude Of Gratitude' is one of the most powerful and complimentary ways to get you focused in the right direction. It lifts your point of view to a place of positivity and constructive thinking; as well as affirms the good that is already in your life, and what is to come.

10. Give your passion an outlet to shine. It will automatically lift your spirit and give your life more meaning by engaging in something (your passion/ interests) that you truly enjoy and look forward to.


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